TO:Each Supervisor
FROM:Los Angeles County's Economy & Efficiency Commission
DATE:December 12, 1991
SUBJECT:Implementation of Security Systems Recommendations


This is our second report to your Board on the progress of implementation of our recommendations on improving County security, which were contained in our report adopted by you on December 4, 1990.

The Commission's Security Systems Task Force met on September 24, 1991, with Lt. Patrick Soll, County Security Program Manager, to review the activities of his office since our last meeting with him on February 15, 1991.

We are happy to report that substantial progress has been made on virtually all our recommendations, and that the overall awareness of security issues has been substantially increased within the County. We attribute this to the efforts of Lt. Soll and his staff, and to the support he has received from your Board and the Chief Administrative Office.

We were particularly impressed with the following accomplishments:

This network establishes an individual responsible for security matters, and a contact point for security communications. The security coordinators are also involved in the development of County security standards under the leadership of the Security Program Office. Lt. Soll anticipates those standards will be completed in one year's time.

Our original report to your Board had recommended the establishment of a County Security Advisory Council composed of a representative from each major County department which provides security services. This Council was to assist the Security Program Manager in formulating security policy standards. Lt. Soll has advised us he does not believe such an advisory council would be effective because its representatives, in many cases, lack decision-making authority within their own departments. Therefore, he has not implemented the Security Advisory Council.

Lt. Soll believes it would be more effective and cost efficient to consider more centralization of the County security organizations, and he is reviewing alternatives of how this might be achieved. Our Commission agrees that this approach is well worth pursuing. At this time, therefore, we are not pursuing the establishment of a Security Advisory Council, pending our review of Lt. Soll's organizational recommendations at a future date.

Overall, our Commission believes that a great deal of progress has been made since the appointment of Lt. Soll to improve personal and property security for County clients, visitors, and employees. More will need to be done in the future and we request the continuing support of your Board in this vital area.

We will report to you again following our next review.

Gunther W. Buerk
Commission Chairperson

Louise Frankel
Security Systems Task Force Chairperson

cc: All Commissioners
Lt. Patrick Soll
Richard B. Dixon, Chief Administrative Officer