August 1, 1988

Hon. Deane Dana
Chairman, Board of Supervisors
822 Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California 90012


Dear Supervisor Dana:

On May 10. 1988, on motion of Supervisor Schabarum, the Board of Supervisors asked our commission to review the current status of implementation of our 1983 recommendations on county reorganization, with particular attention to the current vacancies in department head positions and to the role of the Chief Administrative Officer, and to report within ninety days. On June 7, 1988, you referred for inclusion in our work the proposal of Supervisors Schabarum and Hahn to remove operating responsibility from the Chief Administrative Officer, by restructuring Facilities Management and Purchasing into departments reporting directly to the Board, On June 21, 1988, you hired two recruitment firms to assist in the search for replacement department heads. On June 28, 1988, the Director of Regional Planning resigned, thus, creating another department head vacancy, and the CAO announced a plan to evaluate the option of merging the Regional Planning functions with the Department of Public Works.

We have considered the issues and several alternatives, based on our belief that the 1983 recommendations on reorganization should still be a priority for the Board in developing an effective and efficient structure for county services. We have not completed a fully documented report, and we have not yet concluded the consultation with department officials that is necessary to finalize our recommendations. However, we have the following current recommendations, based on our work so far.

1. Defer appointing new Directors of Parks and Recreation and Regional Planning until our final report. Our current findings convince us that the vacancies in theme departments create significant opportunities for reorganization that have not been considered, and that the vacancies should not be filled until you have considered and acted on our report.
2. Authorize us to obtain the participation of officials of the Public Library, the Departments of Parks and Recreation, Beaches and Harbors, Regional Planning, and Public Works to assist us in preparing our final recommendation for restructuring the functions of those departments into a smaller number of departments.
3. Authorize us to obtain the participation of officials of the Chief Administrative Office, including the Chief Administrative Officer, the Director of Facilities Management, the Purchasing Officer, and the Director of Personnel in our work to design a restructuring of the roles and functions of the Chief Administrative Office that provides both for standardization of administrative functions countywide and an objective source of staff information for the Board of Supervisors.
4. Direct the Public Librarian, the Director of Beaches and Harbors, the Acting Director of Parks and Recreation, the Acting Director of Regional Planning, the Director of Public Works, and the Chief Administrative Officer to cooperate with our task force in forming the necessary teams.
5. Request that the other elected officials of the County work with us should we need their assistance in analyzing the various alternatives.
6. Establish a due date for report and action on these items of not later than November 30, 1988.

Very truly yours,

Joe Crail, Chairman
Robert J. Lowe, Chairman,
Task Force on Decision-Making and Organization

Members of the Task Force

George E. Bodle
Jack Drown
Dr. Alfred J. Freitag
Abraham M. Lurie
Lauro J. Neri
Arthur J. Peever
Doris K. Seward

cc: Each Supervisor

Linda F. Crismond
H.E. Davis, Jr.
Donald R. Deise
Richard B. Dixon
James Hartl
Edgar H. Hayes
Norman Murdoch
James I. Okimoto
Ted Reed
William F. Stewart
Thomas A. Tidemanson