Mr."Chip" Schults
  Chairman of the Quality and Productivity Commission, Los Angeles County
  Topic: Working with the Economy and Efficiency Commission on a Board Assigned Collaboration Project
September 10, 1998

Chairman Abel then invited Mr."Chip" Schults, the Chairman of the Quality and Productivity Commission to make some remarks. Chairman Schultz reported that the Quality and Productivity Commission has been tasked to conduct a study on effective collaboration within the County, departments, cities, etc., by the Board. The goal of this study is to assist the County in shifting the way it does business moving towards a one county approach. The Q&P Commission have been conducting interviews throughout the County. In these interviews they have been asking what aids collaboration and what hurts, are there ways around these problems, what kinds of things are going on now, and are there examples of collaboration within the County. What has come up is that there are informal systems of collaboration within the County. The Board wanted the Q&P Commission to develop a model for adoption by departments.

Chairman Schults continued that some department heads have been through an Anderson School program on collaboration. The Board may also bring back the Management Intern Program and develop a Management Academy on a countywide basis. Commissioner Breslauer asked if this was only collaboration within the County or collaboration with other agencies, such as other counties. Chairman Schults stated that this was the reason he wanted to suggest that the Economy & Efficiency Commission collaborate with the Quality & Productivity Commission on this study. He suggested that EEC undertake the outside work to see what other counties and cities do in the area of collaboration.

Commissioner Crowley commented that agencies such as federal and state governments should be included, in addition to organizations such as CSAC and the League of Cities. Commissioner Barger that the commissions should do this project one slice at a time. Chairman Abel asked if it would be worthwhile to look into recommending a program for LA County that brings all agencies into the issue. Chairman Schults felt that the initial phase of the study would probably be best to cover other counties and cities.

Commissioner Buerk commented that it is good to have people in the County aware of other agencies, but a continuing ongoing effort may not work since these agencies have differing responsibilities. The knowledge would be beneficial on a case-by-case basis. Chairman Abel asked the Executive Director if such research could be undertaken in a timely manner since a quorum did not exist to take a vote. Mr. Staniforth responded that such an effort could be undertaken by direction of the Chair with information of the action transmitted to the full Commission. Commissioner Crowley asked that this effort include both regional and sub-regional representation. Chairman Schults agreed that such an effort would be profitable citing DPSS as an example of where this was working. The Q& P Commission has found that orientation training has been lacking and that education and training in overall systems will build over the years.

Chairman Abel gave a direction for the EEC component of the study and the possibility for other portions of the study.

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