Sharon Yonashiro,
Chief Administrative Office
September 10, 1997

Topic: Status of County Asset Management

Chairman Abel introduced Sharon Yonashiro from the CAO's office. Vice-Chair Farraradded that Ms. Yonashiro would give an update on the County's real asset management situation, as a follow up to the Commission's 1995 report on this topic. He stated that there is a letter going from the CAO to the Board, which follows the EEC's recommendation that a joint task force be formed to include members of several commissions that have consistently expressed interest in the County's real asset management. .

Ms. Yonashiro stated that the County has located 100% of the properties it owns. There are over 7,400 County owned parcels and 6,500 buildings and structures. In addition to an inventory of buildings and parcels, a Geographic Information System (GIS) is being developed and implemented, which allows the County to locate owned and leased properties on a map. These steps will allow the County to develop a strategic plan. Although the progress on this project is slow, it is steady and resources have been committed to the process. .

Currently, the CAO is in the middle of a major move - the relocation of the Mental Health Services headquarters from leased spaces on 6th and Virgil to 550 South Vermont. The central warehouse and the purchasing store staff in Commerce on Garfield Street will be moved to the Eastern Avenue complex this year. This will consolidate administration functions of the Internal Services Department. The warehouse and office building on Garfield Street will be available for reuse by the County or to sell. .

Progress has been made in acquiring funds to perform infrastructure work on County facilities. Many buildings are reaching the end of their useful life or the 25 year point where many air conditioning, water systems, etc. need attention. .

The CAO has developed a zero tolerance building condition plan that reminds departments that the working conditions of employees are important, and maintaining buildings on a daily basis also maintains there value.

By the end of the month, Ms. Yonashiro's office is planning to recommend to the Board hiring Asset Innovations to assist her and her staff on a strategic plan for the County's real assets. .

Ms. Yonashiro's department has also been working closely with the Beaches and Harbors Commission and is becoming more involved in lease negotiations in their sector. Mr. David Janssen stated that he was encouraged that the Board is now exercising its right to negotiate leases in closed sessions. .

Commissioner Frankel asked if the County was continuing to lease outside buildings. Ms. Yonashiro replied that there has been some difficulty in determining what exactly is in each building that the County owns, which accounts for the slow pace of progress. Part of the end goal is to not lease outside buildings. .

Commissioner Fuhrman asked if recent leases were short or long term. Ms. Yonashiroreplied that leases are decided on a case by case basis. Every effort is made to shape the term of the lease to the term of the move. .

Commissioner Hill applauded Ms. Yonashiro and her department's aggressive approach to the County's real asset management situation. .

Chairman Abel asked Ms. Yonashiro to comment on the Civic Center Authority and its effects on the facilities in the this area. Ms. Yonashiro stated that Les Detwieler of her staff has worked with the authority as it has developed a master plan that recommends that the property surrounding the Civic Center, beginning with the DWP building, be dedicated to government purpose. Her staff is working on an inquiry from the City of Los Angeles to look at the Hall of Justice as an asset for City personnel to occupy. To do this the building would need to be adapted, i.e. jail cells removed, etc. They are also working on the landscaping of 1st and Broadway, with results expected around the first of October. .

Chairman Abel thanked Ms. Yonashiro for her presentation to the Commission.

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