Miguel Santana, Chief of Staff,
Supervisor Molina
March 5, 1997

Topic: Supervisors' Direction for 1997

Mr. Santana stated that Supervisor Molina agrees with Supervisor Antonovich on the Coliseum issue but she has opposing opinions on the other two items that Mr. Silver mentioned. 1997 Priorities for Supervisor Molina are:

  1. County USC. Supervisor Molina believes the hospital should be replaced at the level where it can meet the need of the community. The Department and many outside health experts support a hospital with 750 beds to accommodate the projected need. This is a reduction from the hospital's projection for 946 beds. Currently, there are close to 1,000 beds. The Board needs to work with its technicians, the CAO's office, and the Health Department to figure how they are going to pay for the new hospital. Supervisor Molina is not opposed to working with the private sector on how the need can be met, but she is slightly skeptical due to situation in the San Gabriel Valley.
  2. Law Enforcement Issues and Juvenile Crime. While there has been a decrease in juvenile crime throughout the County and the U.S., an effective system has not be formulated to address the problems effectively. Supervisor Molina has been involved in establishing a number of geographically based task forces comprised of the Probation, Sheriff's, D.A., Regional Planning, and Children Services Departments that work together to solve some of the problems in specific communities. This model of collaboration has worked in turning specific neighborhoods around in the 1st District. Supervisor Molina believes that this model should now be institutionalized to provide a sincere integration of services and information sharing.
  3. County Budget Shortfall. Supervisor Molina is concerned with addressing the County shortfall and minimally impacting services. The Board has demonstrated a commitment to addressing this issue on a regular basis. She is particularly concerned that a disproportionate amount of budget cuts are not felt in the unincorporated areas. Unfortunately, the ideas and concepts presented in the Economy and Efficiency's report have not be implemented, which puts the County at a disadvantage of projecting the effects of any budgeting.

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