Tom Silver, Chief of Staff,
Supervisor Antonovich
March 5, 1997

Topic: Supervisors' Direction for 1997

Mr. Silver stated a few of Supervisor Antonovich's goals:

  1. Los Angeles Subway. Supervisor Antonovich is opposed to the subway, which has been a disastrous project and is extremely over budget and off schedule. Approximately $350,000,000 a mile is allocated for the subway which will not be able to service the spread out geography of Los Angeles. The system will not be able to generate enough revenue to support itself. Billions of dollars that are being poured into this system could be spent on better transportation alternatives such as: light rail, monorail, HOV lanes, bus lanes, etc. Also, the Federal Government is now cutting back on its funding.
  2. County USC. Supervisor Antonovich supports the 391 bed new hospital opposed to Supervisor Molina's 750 bed plan. The larger hospital does not make sense if you analyze what the need will be in 10 years for indigent people. The 391 bed hospital will take care of all the poor and will do so for $70 million/year less than the 750 bed hospital. The money saved is net county costs and will be available for other public health care related needs. The private sector can also be utilized.
  3. Coliseum. Supervisor Antonovich is the President of the Coliseum Commission this year and he does not believe that taxpayer money should be used to entice a NFL Football team into Los Angeles.

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