Assemblyman Robert Hertzberg
Public Safety Commission
October 1, 1997

Topic: Review of Los Angeles Agenda in Sacramento

Chairman Abel welcomed Assemblyman Hertzberg, Chair of the Public Safety Commission, to the Commission. He asked Assemblyman Hertzberg to give an assessment of the bills from Los Angeles and an overview of Public Safety Commission's work.

Assemblyman Hertzberg stated that it has been a phenomenal year for Los Angeles County in Sacramento for a number of reasons:

A responsive, non-partisan Los Angeles delegation.

Term limits have had the unintended consequence of allowing several former local elected officials to be elected to the Assembly at one time. These individuals fully understand the dysfunctional relationship of local and state government.

Bipartisan sentiment from federal government officials. Computer crime, which also involves the Public Safety Commission, is now being viewed as a regional concern.

The positive aspects of the past year in Sacramento are evident in trial court funding, without strings, and welfare, both at the financial and policy level.

There have been discussions in Sacramento concerning the review of the fundamental structures of counties. The 58 counties in California were created many years ago, for different reasons, and have evolved into different structures. The counties have basically become the service arm of state government.

The good news is:

There is sensitivity for the short term needs of Los Angeles County in Sacramento.

There is a sensitivity toward larger government issues in California.

The challenge for next year is fighting another tax cut.

Assemblyman Hertzberg stated that the Public Safety Commission (PSC) has seen 430 bills this year. The PCS is focusing on:

Chairman Abel thanked Assemblyman Hertzberg for his time and presentation.

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