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Mr. Vernon Holmes
Los Angeles County Countywide Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

Topic: Mission and Purpose of the CCJCC
July 6, 2006

Chair Hill then introduced Mr. Holmes, and welcomed him to the Commission.

Mission and Purpose of the CCJCC

Mr. Holmes greeted the Commission and presented a brief introduction to the role and structure of the Countywide Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CCJCC). He explained that CCJCC is a committee of the Board of Supervisors, chaired by the Chair of the Board, presently Mayor Antonovich.

The Committee was created over twenty years ago with the mission of serving as an implementation body to assist the criminal justice community with criminal legislation, criminal projects, and other matters pertaining to criminal justice issues within Los Angeles County. The CCJCC is a committee comprised of several subcommittees by which it carries out the majority of its duties. For instance, CCJCC includes a subcommittee designated to oversee Los Angeles Drug Courts. The Committee also operates the Interagency Gang Task Force.

The CCJCC meets monthly, and nearly all County department heads are members. While they carry out a very broad range of tasks, the actual CCJCC Office is very small, consisting of three analysts, and an Executive Director. The CCJCC Office frequently teams up with other departments to process large workloads. CCJCC maintains a web site at http://ccjcc.info.

Questions and Comments

Chair Hill opened the floor up to questions.

Given the introductory nature of Mr. Holmes’s presentation and the time constraints of the meeting, there were no questions on CCJCC at the time.

Chair Hill thanked Mr. Holmes for his informative presentation.

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