In absence of a quorum, Chairman Abel began a meeting as the committee of the whole at 10:20 a.m.


1. Grand Jury Recommendation Concerning Consolidating City/County Charitable Solicitation Licensing

Mr. Staniforth reported that the following recommendation was included in the Grand Jury's 1996-1997 Final Report and was recently brought to the attention of the Commission:

6. The Citizens Economy and Efficiency Commission of Los Angeles County should examine the feasibility of merging the two licensing sections (of the City and County) into a single agency.

Mr. Staniforth stated that, in coordination with the Chair, a response to the Grand Jury was sent to inform them that a study could be conducted by the Commission on this issues, but a funding source would have to be identified. This response also mentioned that the Commission would discuss this request and decide what form of action to take at the September meeting.

Commissioner Jimenez stated that, several years ago, the issue was raised to combine County and City Animal Control into one entity. The outcome and effects of this effort should be examined as a model. He asked when the Grand Jury made this recommendation. Mr. Staniforth stated that the Grand Jury Report was issued on June 30, 1997.

Mr. Staniforth stated that the City and County have not taken action on this item and if the Commission wished to initiate an action, it would need to contact the City and County and reference the Grand Jury's recommendation.

Commissioners Fuhrman and Frankel stated that pursuing this action might not be the best use of the Commission's resources. The rest of the Commission concurred.

2. Request from Supervisor Antonovich to Investigate Employee Suggestion

Mr. Staniforth stated that two years ago Mr. Bruce Schneider made a suggestion related to energy savings under the provisions of the employee suggestion program. Action has been pending on this suggestion for 2 years. Mr. Schneider subsequently approached Supervisor Antonovich to resolve this problem.

Commissioner Jimenez stated that General Services is 2-3 months away from releasing and RFP to solicit from energy wholesalers a proposal to service the County. Mr. Staniforth replied that he believed this was correct, but the issue before the Commission on this matter is the delayed response time of the employee suggestion.

Mr. Staniforth also informed the Commission that Chairperson Abel has responded to Supervisor Antonovich on the operations of the energy savings content of the employee suggestion. This memo, which was distributed to the Commission, requested that he consider a motion directing the Commission look into energy alternatives available to the County.

Commissioner Stoke suggested that in the Commission's inquiry into the Employee Suggestion Program we be sensitive to any liability the County might have in not responding to Mr. Schneider's request. Mr. Staniforth stated he would check with County Counsel.

3. Discussion of Energy Savings Study Proposal

Chairman Abel stated that the suggestion to Supervisor Antonovich mentioned above has been sent. He anticipates that the Board will direct the Commission to look into energy alternatives available to the County. Commissioner Balderrama requested to be placed on this project's task force.


A quorum was achieved at 10:35 a.m. and Chairman Abel called the meeting to order.


David A. Abel
David A. Abel
Fred Balderrama
David Farrar
Louise Frankel
Jonathan Fuhrman
Jaclyn Tilley Hill
Michael A. Jimenez
Carole Ojeda-Kimbrough
Robert Philibosian
H. Randall Stoke
Julia E. Sylva
Richards D. Barger
Gunther Buerk
John Crowley
Chun Lee
Roman Padilla
William Petak
Marc A. Seidner
Tony Tortorice


Christopher W. Hammond

Approval of Commissioners absences was deferred until the next meeting..


Moved, Seconded and Approved: The minutes of the June 4, 1997 Commission Meeting be approved.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Chairman Abel reported that the Executive Committee met concerning the Executive Director's contract. He stated that he requested Vice-Chair Farrar, Commissioner Fuhrman, and Commissioner Philibosian to form a sub-committee to act on the Executive Committee's recommended action and report back to the Commission within 30 days. Chairperson Abelasked Vice-Chair Farrar to explain the Executive Committee's deliberations with the Commission.

Vice-Chair Farrar stated that current one-year contract expires in mid-October, and the Committee decided that if it is not renewed, then the contract will not continue from month to month, and it will end on the specified date. However, the Committee is recommending that the Executive Director's status be changed from contractor to employee. This change in status may take longer than the current contract's terms. Accordingly, the Committee urges the Commission to recommend the Board of Supervisors extended Mr. Staniforth's contract on a month to month basis for a period of time to allow the sub-committee to evaluate this change of status, and to make an appropriate recommendation on how best to accomplish this to the Commission.

Chairman Abel added that it is anticipated that this would be a County employee at will at the discretion of the Commission. Under this status the Executive Director would receive the benefits available to County employees.

Commissioner Jimenez stated that the sub-committee will use the letter included in the Commission's packet as a starting point to prepare this submission.

Commissioner Sylva asked if the terms of the month to month contract will remain the same as the current annual contract. Chairperson Abel replied yes.

Moved, seconded and approved: That the appointed Sub-Committee prepare a motion, to be signed by the Chairman, to the Board of Supervisors requesting a change in the Executive Director's status from independent contractor to employee at will.


Chairman Abel presented Commissioner Hill with a scroll, commemorating her service on the Economy and Efficiency Commission. Although Commissioner Hill's service on the Economy and Efficiency Commission ends today, she will continue to attend monthly meetings as the liaison from the Quality and Productivity Commission.


Walter Kelly & Alisa Drakdodaidis,
Probation Department
Topic: Topic: Collection Activities of Probation Department

Sharon Yonashiro,
Chief Administrative Office
Topic: Status of County Asset Management

David Janssen,
Chief Administrative Officer
Topic: Budget and Follow-up on the Commission Report


1. Collections Project

In Task Force Chairperson Jimenez's absence, Mr. Ken Pride reported that the project is focusing on 4 sections: data gathering, data analysis, recommendation formulation, and finalization of the project.

The data gathering section began with a focus on Best Practices from the public and private sectors, in addition to receivables data from all departments. The gathering of the receivables data was questionnaire based and a monumental task. In order to validate the information that was received, another form was sent to the same parties with our interpretation of their data.

Data analysis is on-going. Information received has been sent on to the contractor.

In regards to the Best Practices portion of the project, a large amount of information was received from all 50 states and the 10 largest counties. This information, some of it still being analyzed, is being sent on to the contractor who has been asked to write the Best Practices section. The contractor has also been asked to write their initial analysis of the County's accounts receivables.

Currently, the project is in the second phase of data gathering, which consists of an in depth interview with 4 or 5 selected departments: DHS, Treasurer-Tax Collector, Administratively Consolidated Courts, Pomona Municipal Court, and Probation Department. Primarily, these departments were chosen to interview because of the size of their receivables. Treasurer-Tax Collector was selected for the county-wide nature of their activities.

After the in depth interviews, their procedures and policies will be analyzed to aid in the development of the recommendations for the Commission's review.

Chairperson Abel asked Mr. Pride to elaborate who is on the project team. Mr. Pridestated the team consists of the task force, headed by Commissioner Jimenez, Mr. Staniforth, and himself. There was a CAO loaned individual who is no longer on the project. There is one volunteer, Hilda Simmons, who may still be on the project and one volunteer, Richard Martin Diaz, who is no longer with the project. There is a corporate volunteer, Lockheed Martin. There is an advisory committee, that consists of members from several departments.

Chairperson Abel inquired about the project time line. Mr. Pride stated that this project is due for completion on the 23rd of December. The report should be ready for presentation to the Commission on November 17th. He stated that the staff is very small that works day to day on this project. The contractor is a CPA firm from Orange County, Strabala, Ramirez & Associates.

Chairperson Abel thanked Mr. Pride, Mr. Staniforth and the task force for their continued work on this project.


4. Designation for the Economy and Efficiency Chair asa Member of an Independent Oversight Committee (ICOC) to Insure that theSpecial Tax Revenue Authorized by Proposition E is Expended for Fire Protectionor Paramedic Rescue Services.

Chairman Abel pointed out that this is an appointment forthe Chair of the Commission, not a personal appointment. He has no additionalinformation on the committee at this time.

5. Civil Service - Commissioner Fuhrman

Due to time constraints, this matter was held until thenext Commission meeting.




On a motion from the floor, Chairman Abel adjourned themeeting at 12:05 p.m


Respectfully submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director


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