Chairman Abel called the meeting to order at 9:50 a.m.


David A. Abel
David A. Abel
Gunther Buerk
John Crowley
David Farrar
Louise Frankel
Christopher W. Hammond
Jaclyn Tilley Hill
Michael A. Jimenez
Carole Ojeda-Kimbrough
Roman Padilla
William Petak
Robert Philobosian
H. Randall Stoke
Julia E. Sylva
Tony Tortorice
Richards D. Barger
Jonathan Fuhrman
Robert L. Glushon
Chun Lee
Marc A. Seidner


Fred Balderrama

Moved, Seconded and Approved: The Commission members noted above be excused


Commissioner Farrar requested that his comments on page three include the phrase "one organization" rather than "organization." Commissioner Hill requested that her comments on page four be changed to state that she would "review" the issue of admissions to the Natural History Museum for lower income families rather than "investigate". Moved, Seconded and Approved: The minutes of the January 8, 1997 Commission Meeting be approved as amended.


Mr. Staniforth introduced Wes McDaniel, a consultant on the Constitution Revision Report. Mr. Staniforth stated that both scheduled speakers, Fred Guido from Supervisor Knabe's office and Miguel Santana from Supervisor Molina's office, were unable to attend today's meeting and their presentations will be rescheduled for the following Commission meeting.

V. OLD BUSINESS (continued)

1. Constitutional Revision Commission

Task Force Co-Chair Philibosian reported that all Commissioners have received a copy of the task force's report. He opened up the floor for comments on the report. Mr. Staniforth stated that there is still editorial work to be done on the report and requested that the focus of the discussion be on the concepts presented in the report.

Commissioner Jimenez commented that the report considers the dysfunctional relationship between state and local government and offers some solutions. Commissioner Hill agreed. Task Force Co-Chair Philibosian stated that the report was generated as a result of former Chairperson Buerk's concern over the responsibility of local governments, specifically Los Angeles County, to fund programs and their lack of authority to govern them.

Commissioner Petak suggested that the Local Government Services Commission be involved in someway in this project. They represent the League of Cities, the charter cities, the Mayor, etc. Chairperson Abel replied that, as noted in the Appendix II of the report, there are many organizations that are interested and supportive of the ideas expressed in the Commission's report. Mr. Staniforth added that the Grand Jury has expressed interest in addressing the issues presented in the report. Chairperson Abelstated that, in relation to the Local Government Services Commission, this Commission must first take the report to the Board as directed, before specifically involving any organizations.

Commissioner Stoke commented that the beginning of the report states that government is dysfunctional when what is really meant is that the relationship between state and local government is dysfunctional. He is concerned that statement could be misinterpreted and viewed as a negative opinion of the Board of Supervisors. Secondly, when you create another Commission, as recommended in the report, you create another level of government. He feels that the Legislature would benefit more from the input of a Commission. </>

Commissioner Buerk stated that once the report is adopted by the Economy and Efficiency Commission, then we will be perceived as the local leader on the issue of reform. At that time it would be important to gather support and endorsements from other organizations. This will be significant political backing that will assist in moving any recommendations to Sacramento.

Commissioner Crowley stated that an element of this report encourages the examination of the question, "Where is policy established?" Secondly, this Commission is not the first entity to examine this problem, the Partnership 2000 produced a report that was regional rather than county. Whether or not the Legislature approves the CCRC report, or the Board approves our report, the subject matter will continue to be examined and the issues will remain at hand.

Commissioner Frankel expressed her concerns about the effect of Proposition 218 on local government's ability to function. Chairperson Abel stated that the task force, as well as the CCRC, had many discussions regarding Prop. 218 and decided to focus on the unintended consequences of many actions that are damaging local representative government.

Commissioner Petak stated that he felt the support of the Local Government Services Commission, an internal Commission, would be beneficial in our efforts to submit the report to the Board. Mr. Staniforth replied that, generally, when we submit reports, we coordinate with the CAO's office to incorporate any supporting organizations or department heads. We will include the Local Government Services Commission in this process.

Commissioner Tortorice inquired about time constraints in getting this report to the Board. He also requested a copy of the CCRC report to review all of their recommendations. He feels there may be information related to local government that is not expressed in the four recommendations covered in our report. Commissioner Abel replied that it is the Commission's desire to get the report, which represents Los Angeles County's position, to the Legislature as it begins deliberations in these matters. Mr. McDaniel, a consultant on the task force report, stated that all relevant material from the CCRC report is addressed or included in the Economy and Efficiency Commission's report. Task Force Co-Chair Philibosianadded that in the EEC report, references from the CCRC report are cited and analyzed. Moved, Seconded and Approved: That the Commission approve the report entitled "Report on the Review of the Relationship Between Los Angeles County and State Government."

Chairperson Abel thanked Task Force Co-Chair Philibosian, the task force members, Mr. Staniforth and the consultants for their hard work and contributions to the report. He noted that there will be editorial revisions to the report prior to its printing and distribution.

2. Natural History Museum

Task Force Chair Hill reported that all Commissioners received correspondence from Dr. Powell regarding the Commission's review of recommendations. The task force is continuing their course of action in the review of the Natural History Museum. Dr. Davis, the consultant on the original report, is currently out of the country, and the task force will be communicating with him upon his return to the U.S. Task Force Chair Hill stated that Chairperson Abel responded to Dr. Powell, in a letter, assuring him that the task force would continue to address their concerns and work with the Museum. Mr. Staniforth has also spoken with Dr. Powell in a phone conversation. Chairperson Abel read his response to Dr. Powell.

Commissioner Philibosian stated that the attitude problems existing within the Museum were, in part, why the Commission was requested to review the Museum. The tone of Dr. Powell's memo and the fact that he copied the entire Commission and the Board are evidence that these problems may still exists. Commissioner Frankel strongly agreed.

Task Force Chair Hill assured the Commission that the task force was adhering to its agenda of working with the Museum to address concerns of prudent fiscal management and assisting them in becoming a world class facility.

Commissioner Buerk stated that he would like to make a motion concerning the Museum.

Moved and seconded: That the Commission encourages the Natural History Museum Task Force to vigorously pursue its efforts to make improvements in the government of the Museum and all other aspects covered in its review.

Vice-Chair Farrar stated that he would like to amend the motion to include the word "accountability."

Moved, seconded and approved: The motion as amended.

Commissioner Frankel asked if the Commission received a legal opinion regarding endowment funds. Commissioner Stoke stated that he reviewed the Museum's Foundation Organization, which is a 501C3. Under the internal revenue code it states that not for profit corporations have an obligation to expend certain monies.

3. ISD Restructuring / Purchasing Division Review

Mr. Staniforth reported that the ISD report is currently at the Board. He suggested that Chairperson Abel contact either Supervisor Antonovich or Chairman Yaroslavsky to see if they are interested in bringing this report to the Board.

4. Real Asset Management

Task Force Chairperson Farrar reported that organization of the involved Commissions in the blanket Real Asset Committee should begin this month.

Commissioner Hill, the Liaison to the Quality and Productivity Commission, reported that she spoke with Dr. Waddell, the Chair, and he is very interested in working on the Real Asset Committee.

Commissioner Frankel asked if condolences were sent to the Quality and Productivity Commission regarding the passing of Sara Stivelman. Commissioner Hill replied yes.

5. Delivery of Municipal Services to Unincorporated Areas

Task Force Chairperson Padilla reported that we continue to wait for the CAO's response to the Board on our report.

6. Department of Human Resources / Department of Health Services

Mr. Staniforth reported that he had contacted the department head and is waiting for their response.

7. Party Briefing

Commissioner Hill reported that the Commission's luncheon would be taking place, as scheduled, at 12:30 in room 739. She asked the Commissioners take responsibility for introducing themselves to our guests and act as "hosts" at individual tables.


Alisa Katz, Chief Deputy,
Supervisor Yaroslavsky
Topic: Supervisor Yaroslavsky's Direction for 1997


1. Civil Service - Commissioner Fuhrman

In Commissioner Fuhrman's absence the topic was tabled until the next meeting.

2. Proposal for County Office of Small Business Participation - Commissioner Sylva

Commissioner Sylva stated that she wanted to inform the Commission of the new task force formed by the Contracting and Purchasing Council. This is a group of County department heads who are examining ways to keep small businesses in the County. Small businesses are responsible for more job creation in the County than all of the Fortune 500 companies combined. She passed out some material on the new group and informed the Commissioners that they are all invited to attend a program where Supervisor Antonovich will be the key note speaker endorsing the Office of Small Business Participation.

Commissioner Sylva requested the item be placed on the agenda for the next meeting and suggested that a speaker from the organization address the Commission in the near future. It is her understanding that Office of Small Business Participation does not wish us to form a task force at this time, but would like our endorsement and support.

3. Creation of a Long Range Planning Task Force - Chairperson Abel

Chairperson Abel introduced a new task force that will focus on the Commission's long range planning and goals. Commissioners Jimenez and Tortorice will Co-Chair the new task force and Commissioners Padilla, Sylva, Hammond and Petak will serve as members.

Commissioner Buerk stated that the Executive Committee had handled long range planning in the past. Chairperson Abel replied that he was a part of that committee and felt that a short term task force, set tentatively at 60 days, would be beneficial to examine areas of improvement for the Commission. The Executive Committee or full Commission could then take action on their suggestions.

Vice Chair Farrar stated that he attended a luncheon where David Janssen spoke. He was very impressed with Mr. Janssen's policy of embracing new ideas from all sources. Vice-Chair Farrarfeels this is line with the mission of the EEC and he is excited about the possibilities in the near future. Commissioner Buerk suggested having Mr. Janssen speak before the Commission. Vice- Chair Farrar agreed.

Commissioner Tortorice requested that a discussion item on taking a look at the impact of the new communications technology, particularly the Internet, on local government, be placed on next month's agenda.


Chairperson Abel welcomed Former Supervisor Dana and recognized Former Chairperson Buerk.

On a motion from the floor, Chairman Abel adjourned the meeting at 12:00 p.m.


Respectfully submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director


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