THURSDAY, July 6, 2006
500 West Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012


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With the presence of a quorum, Chair Hill called the Commission meeting to order at 10:20 a.m.


Chair Hill asked those present to introduce themselves


Chair Hill reported on an identity theft scam where the thief pretends to call a person to jury duty in order to gather financially sensitive personal information. Chair Hill has been corresponding via telephone email with Gloria Gomez, head of Jury Services for the County, and made plans to write an article on jury duty fraud for the County Digest. Chair Hill explained that the County needs about 10,000 jurors each day. This jury duty fraud exploits the Countyís recently increased enforcement of jury service. Commissioner Barcelona asked why the courts summon non-citizens for jury duty. Chair Hill replied that the courts generate summons from voter registration and DMV records, and while non-citizens cannot vote, they may have DMV records.

Commissioner Parks announced that he addressed the new Civil Grand Jury, and was impressed by their qualifications. At the same time, he noted most members have only one and no more than two alternates, a potential sign of decreased interest in serving on the Civil Grand Jury.


Chair Hill asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the minutes of May 4, 2006 and June 1, 2006 Commission meetings. The following motion was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The minutes of the May 4, 2006 and June 1, 2006 Commission meeting be approved.


Chair Hill asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the presentation of June 1, 2006 Commission meeting. The following motion was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The presentation of the June 1, 2006 Commission meeting be approved.

VI. CHAIR'S REPORT (Continued)

Chair Hill introduced Ian Whyte and welcomed him to the meeting.

Mr. Whyte, Program Manager of the Office of Emergency Management, greeted the Commission. He introduced the basic structure of the Office of Emergency Management, and then discussed projects associated with the countywide Business Continuity Plan, including a Business Impact Analysis and Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS). After his report, Mr. Whyte took questions, and closed by thanking the Commission for the opportunity to make a presentation.


The following was the attendance for the meeting:


Isaac Diaz Barcelona
Robert Cole
Jaclyn Tilley Hill
Ronald K. Ikejiri
Chun Lee
Royal F. Oakes
Roman Padilla
Charles Parks
William J. Petak
Robert H. Philibosian
Solon C. Soteras


Clayton Anderson
Fred P. Balderrama
Joanne Baltierrez
Hope J. Boonshaft
Jonathan S. Fuhrman
Julia Sylva
Tony Tortorice



It was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The Commission members requesting an excuse, be excused.


Discussion On Undertaking A Study Of Systemic Issues That Facilitate Child Care Fraud.

Chair Emeritus Philibosian distributed articles and two approved Board motions concerning child care fraud. He explained that the District Attorney has been investigating child care fraud for the past two years, and has recommended additional internal fraud controls. He also noted DPSS objected to information presented in the Grand Jury Report on Welfare Fraud, including its claim of a 50% incidence of fraud in the system.

Chair Emeritus Philibosian proposed the creation of a Child Care Fraud Task Force. If approved, Mr. Staniforth will begin by coordinating a meeting of this task force with DA representatives for the purpose of assisting Supervisor Antonovich to draft a motion for presentation at the July 11, 2006 Board meeting.

Chair Emeritus Philibosian proposed that the Commission support SB 1421, a bill proposing a state-funded study of welfare fraud. Chair Emeritus Philibosian then restated his proposal as a motion: The Economy and Efficiency Commission support SB 1421, and that, in addition, the Commission create a task force to work in with DPSS, the DA, and other County offices in order to recommend some immediate actions to prevent fraud within the child care program.

Chair Hill opened discussion on the motion. Commissioner Petak asked how the motion relates to an email that Commissioner Fuhrman sent to commissioners in which he claims welfare fraud falls outside the Commissionís purview. Chair Emeritus Philibosian pointed out that the Commission has a long history of following up on Grand Jury recommendations, and is mandated by the County Charter to do so. Chair Hill agreed that the Commission should consider Grand Jury recommendations. Chair Emeritus Philibosian added that he believes Commissioner Fuhrmanís claim that the Grand Jury lacks sensitivity toward minorities is not supported by the diversity of its composition.

Commissioner Padilla thought that welfare fraud is a divisive issue. It is likely to resurface as a wedge issue during future elections. Commissioner Parks agreed with these statements, adding that he believes welfare fraud is a criminal matter. As such, the DA should resolve the issue by prosecuting cases in court. Chair Emeritus Philibosian replied that the DA investigates, prosecutes, and makes recommendations to prevent crime, but cannot directly reform the child care system. Commissioner Padilla stated that the act of investigating welfare fraud carries an inherent bias against the poor, but that he favors the study because it could help provide child care to more clients that have a legitimate claim to these services.

Commissioner Oakes commented that he believes the study would fall within the purview of the Commission, citing an earlier study of workmansí compensation fraud to illustrate the Commissionís precedent for engaging in controversial topics. Commissioner Padilla asked how much time and money the Commission would have to conduct the study. Chair Emeritus Philibosian replied that, within a very limited timeframe, most of the effort will focus on the voluminous studies of the DA and Grand Jury. Chair Hill added that the Board will very likely fund any necessary consultants, having done so in the past. She then asked the Commission to vote on the motion. The following was Seconded and Approved: That the Economy and Efficiency Commission support SB 1421 and in addition, that the Economy and Efficiency Commission create a Child Care Fraud Task Force to work in cooperation with the DAís Office, DPSS, and the CAO in order to prevent fraud within child care programs.

Chair Hill asked Chair Emeritus Philibosian to chair the task force. She recommended that it also include Commissioner Anderson based upon his experience as a former Chief Investigator for the DA and Vice Chair Ikejiri for his local government experience. She thanked Chair Emeritus Philibosian for his initiative and welcomed those commissioners who wish to do so attend the task force meeting on Monday, July 10, 2006 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission Office. Both Commissioner Padilla and Commissioner Cole volunteered to be members of the task force.

VI. CHAIR'S REPORT (Continued)

Chair Hill welcomed Mr. Holmes and introduced him to the Commission:

On behalf of Executive Director Peggy Shuttleworth, Mr. Holmes welcomed the Citizensí Economy and Efficiency Commission as a new member of the CCJCC. He then made a brief presentation on the basic structure of the Committee, discussing its core staff, their relationship with various County departments, and the categories of responsibilities handled within the subcommittees of CCJCC. He suggested that the commissioners go to the CCJCC website at http://www.ccjcc.info to get further information on the Committee.


Quality and Productivity Commission

Chair Hill announced that QPC will hold an event honoring County projects. Chair Hill also recalled that, for the past ten years, the QPC has enjoyed a strong collaborative relationship with Mr. Janssen, the Countyís Chief Administrative Officer, who will be retiring in January of 2007.


Organization & Accountability

Commissioner Oakes reported that the task force continues to review retired peace officer utilization and has approved the draft proposal. He noted that Mr. Staniforth had met with several Sheriffs Department staff, and that the Sheriffs Department is preparing a plan to implement the proposal. Chair Hill said she will send the Sheriffs Department a letter asking them to finish their implementation plan soon.

Succession Planning

Commissioner Petak reported that there has been no action within or feedback from the Board, and suggested Mr. Staniforth send a letter requesting that action be taken.

X. NEW BUSINESS (Continued)

Discussion of the Proposal to Review the Business Continuation Efforts of the County

Commissioner Petak commented that he thought that it is too early to review Business Continuation Effort, because the County is still implementing its planning effort, and no outcomes are available to analyze.

Discussion Of A Proposal To Review The Possibility Of A Stipend For Economy And Efficiency Commission Commissioners

Chair Hill said she met with the CAO to discuss stipends for commissioners. Mr. Janssen informed her that almost none of the hundreds of County commissions have ever had their stipend ordinance reviewed. Chair Hill said several commissions have requested the CAO review ordinances for the purpose of determining their stipends. Commissioner Padilla asked why the recent countywide commission sunset reviews did not address stipend ordinances. Commissioner Hill replied that this review is conducted individually and that no uniform policy for determining stipends exists.

Commissioner Petak questioned how receiving a stipend would affect the Commissionís overall independence and objectivity. Chair Emeritus Philibosian pointed out that the Commission is chartered as volunteering its recommendations and services to the Board, and that he would not want to be part of the Commission if its commissioners ever decided to take a stipend. Commissioner Padilla agreed with Chair Emeritus Philibosian, and said that he attends meetings because they give him an opportunity to serve. Chair Emeritus Philibosian made the following motion: That the Economy and Efficiency Commission has never had a stipend, and does not want a stipend henceforth. The motion was Seconded and Approved. Commissioner Petak requested that Chair Hill distribute copies of her packet on commissioner compensation to everyone present.


A member of the public urged the Commission to oppose a Grand Jury recommendation to delay establishing a Health Authority, an issue the Board engaged but could not resolve. It was requested that the Commission urge the Grand Jury to reconsider its recommendation since the County needs a Health Authority to adequately staff facilities and address other problems.


Chair Hill adjourned the meeting at 12:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director

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