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Lacking a quorum of commissioners, Chairman Philibosian called the meeting to order as a Committee of the Whole at 10:00 a.m.


Chairman Philibosian asked the present commissioners to note the following absences.


Clayton Anderson
Joanne Baltierrez
Isaac Diaz Barcelona
Jaclyn Tilley Hill
Ronald K. Ikejiri
William J. Petak
Robert H. Philibosian
Julia Sylva
Tony Tortorice


Fred Balderrama
Annie E. Cho
Jonathan Fuhrman
Chun Lee
Roman Padilla
Royal F. Oakes
William A. Sullivan


Hope J. Boonshaft


Chairman Philibosian stated that without the presence of a quorum of commissioners no corrections or amendments to the minutes of the March 4, 2005 Commission meeting could be made.


Chairman Philibosian stated that without the presence of a quorum of commissioners no corrections or amendments to the presentation of the March 4, 2005 Commission meeting could be made.


Vice Chair Ikejiri introduced Juan Kintana, President of the Gardena City Counsel. Chairman Philibosian introduced Ms. Elise Ruth, Sergeant of Arms for the 2005-2006 Grand Jury of Los Angeles County.


Chairman Philibosian congratulated Vice Chair Ikejiri who was reelected to the Gardena City Counsel.


No report was given.


Local Government Services Commission

No liaison was present to make a presentation.

Quality and Productivity Commission

Commissioner Hill announced the 3rd Commissionerís Leadership Conference will be held on May 26th, 2005 at the Music Center. The conference will start at 8:30am and end at 2pm. Each member of the Board of Supervisors will be present. It will open at 9am by the Board Chair, Supervisor Molina. David Jansen, the Chief Administrative Officer, will make a presentation on the state of the county. Panels will discuss the success and challenges of working together.

Commissioner Anderson announced the Forward Looking Conference for the Quality and Productivity Commission. Commissioner Hill added that they would be taking an opportunity to review, taking a full day, where they have been and where their future will take them.


Grand Jury Task Force

Commissioner Sullivan was not present to make a report.

Organization and Accountability Task Force

Commissioner Oakes was not present to make a report.

Economic Development Task Force

Commissioner Sylva reported that she was joined by Mr. Staniforth and Commissioner Baltierrez on April 6, 2005 to attend the Small Business Commissionís (SBC) quarterly meeting. The economic development mission statement was presented to the commission, which they in turn adopted. The SBC assigned Javier Del Valle, Vice President to the project. The next step is to have county department heads sign off on the mission statement. The goal of this effort is to have the Board of Supervisors adopt the mission statement, thus, bringing awareness to economic development. Commissioner Sylva announced that Commissioner Baltierrez had expressed interest in joining the economic development; Chairman Philibosian replied to this request by placing her on this task force.

Video Arraignment Task Force

Commissioner Anderson referred the Commission to Assembly Bill 100, which recently amended Section 977.2 of the Penal Code. This legislation provides for audio/video connections not only the state prisons but also the county jails. He also referred to a Los Angeles Times article from April 4, 2005 that talked about Michiganís video arraignment system. In addition the West Virginia Supreme Court has shifted their 1st appearance hearings to video and saved the court $30 million in the first year. The article also noted that this approach was tried in Los Angeles County, but was not cost effective.

Chairman Philibosian asked Mr. Staniforth to contact Michigan and West Virginia to see if there is any additional information to support the Commissionís recommendations on video conferencing. Chairman Philibosian also suggested making finding out if there are any other jurisdictions that have additional information. The Commission can produce a follow-up report and make direct contact with the Supervisors. Chairman Philibosian asked if there could be a report back within 90 days.

Succession Planning

Commissioner Petak stated that the report in the current form has been distributed to each commissioner. The task force met last week to discuss the substantive details of the report. Mr. Staniforth was asked to take the comments from the task force and Commissioner Sylva and incorporate them into the report. This was necessary since the report had to be completed in a short amount of time, even with extensions from the Board. The work also involved coordination with the Department of Human Resources, which required additional time for coordination.

Since a quorum was not present and the report can not be approved, Commissioner Petak suggested that the report be submitted to the Supervisors as a task force approved report as opposed to a Commission approved report.

Commissioner Tortorice suggested that for the purposes of meeting the Supervisors objectives, that they be given a draft to enable them to review the recommendations until the Commission can officially adopt the report. There were no objections to the idea, even though the submission of a draft doesnít meet the specific Board direction. However, since there was no quorum, Chairman Philibosian decided that the report, after a review for grammatical and clerical errors, formatting, and to inputted suggested changes, will be send it to the Board of Supervisors with a signed letter of explanation. This letter would note that an informal poll of the Commissioner present at the April meeting indicated that they were in accordance. The report will be forwarded to the Board as a draft, and then at the May meeting, the Commission will consider its final approval.


Mr. Raymond Fortner, Esq., County Counsel
Los Angeles County
Topic: The Future Direction of the County Counsel's Office

Mr. Fortner in speaking to the Commission addressed the vision and goals he has to advance the procedures of the County Counselís office. As part of his presentation he noted that since assuming his position that he had taken a number of actions to reorganize the office and improve the operational structure to more effectively respond to the needs of the Board of Supervisors and the county generally.


Chairman Philibosian addressed the absence situation. There are currently vacancies in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th districts. He is aware that the 5th district has an individual in mind, but there is no knowledge on the status of the 1st and 3rd district vacancies. The 2nd district vacancy is unfortunately recent. He encouraged those commissioners who were present to both contact their appointing supervisor in addressing the vacancy issue and to discuss this matter with their fellow district appointees.


Chairman Philibosian noted the sad passing of Commissioner Thompson. He commented that although we knew that his death was an inevitable part of his life, that it doesnít make it any easier when it finally does happen. It is a small thing but the Commission will dedicate the Succession Management report to his memory, something the Commission has ever done. We miss him and we will continue to miss him. There are other commissioners who have expressed a desire to speak. Unfortunately some of those commissioners are not present, but we will hear their comments at a future meeting.

Commissioner Hill stated that her first association with Judge Thompson was through his involvement with the Economy & Efficiency Commission. She was very grateful that that relationship endured since, literally, day he arrived. The both of them seemed to have something in common and enjoyed discussing so many of the issues. He had an incredible background from his youth through his education and career. His life was fascinating to me - his education and how he became a judge. His resume clearly indicates the many steps he has taken throughout his life. This last year and a half has really been an incredible journey for him. As each of you know, it was approximately a year of him not really feeling well prior to coming to the conclusion that he did have inoperable cancer. His attitude, the challenge to remain on his journey and his steadfastness to that commitment left us all with a new appreciation of the man. He continued facing these challenges by attending meetings and attending to his life and the life of others. Just a month ago he was with the Commission and attending the performance of a play in Long Beach with several of his friends. During these outings he continued with the smile that he carried with him that was a radiance of hope for everyone who saw and who knew him. What he really represented was a commitment, a dedication and a light. He has left us with this shinning and left a permanent mark on all of our hearts. This long relationship with him was really treasured, particularly in the later stages of his life. The way he dealt with his death left an impact on me and my family because it was a journey that we have taken with him. This was a remarkable tribute to the man that was going to go to the end no matter what.

Commissioner Ikejiri stated that he wished to stand in honor of Judge Thompson. One of the things that Judge Thompson was always able to do was to bring the best out of people. During his first Commission meeting Judge Thompson took him aside and discussed the challenges that were to be faced and the importance of the health, welfare, and safety of the people of the county and the tasks involved. He encouraged a study of the material and the need to listen during meetings. Secondly, Judge Thompson lived life fully. Unfortunately he suffered from pancreatic cancer and all of the things that are involved with that disease. We talked about it and the inevitability of death. One of the things he did is to live his life totally and with something that all of us hope to conjure up at this point, dignity. He undertook this journey with grace and distinction, always remaining a giant of a person in all of out minds. To honor Judge Thompson his family and his request is that people support the International City Theatre in Long Beach. We will all miss looking across the room and seeing him there. At the same time, I know spiritually in his way that he will continue to keep us on a straight course. Knowing him has been an honor. Each of us is thankful to have had the opportunity to know him.

Commissioner Baltierrez stated that Judge Thompson was one of the first people who approached her and was very helpful. He was always willing to provide information and try to show the way through his advice. His efforts were focused on pushing the envelope in his energy to accomplish great things Ė he was determined to get things done. This was his unique way of accomplishing the task, no matter what. It is his energy that was really admired. He would always say to not forget to call on person a day and make sure that you keep your contact with people who care for you and who you are important to you. It was important to him to stay in touch with people everyday of the month to keep them in his circle. He was always prepared to give people good advice. Everyone appreciated him and his passing is a great loss.

Chairman Philibosian asked everyone to stand and in his/her own way during a moment of silence, pay respect to and honor the memory of Judge Thompson, our friend.


Opportunity for members of the public to address the Commission on items of interest that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the Commission. No members of the public commented.


Chairman Philibosian adjourned the meeting of the Committee of the Whole at 11:45 am in memory of Commissioner G. Thomas Thompson.

Respectfully Submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director

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