THURSDAY, April 4, 2002


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With the presence of a quorum of commissioners, Chairman Philibosian called the Commission meeting to order at 10:13 a.m.


Chairman Philibosian asked for a motion to approve absences.


Clayton Anderson
Fred Balderrama
Isaac Diaz Barcelona
Hope J. Boonshaft
John Crowley
Jonathan Fuhrman
Jaclyn Tilley Hill
Roman Padilla
William J. Petak
Robert H. Philibosian
Clinton Simmons
Julia Sylva
G. Thomas Thompson


Annie E. Cho
Chun Lee
Tony Lucente
Royal F. Oakes
Tony Tortorice


Joanne Baltierrez
David W. Farrar

It was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The Commission members requesting an excuse, be excused.


Chairman Philibosian asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the minutes. Hearing none the following motion was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The minutes of the March 7, 2002 Commission meeting be approved.


Chairman Philibosian asked if there were any corrections or amendments to the presentation. Hearing none the following motion was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: The presentation of the March 7, 2002 Commission meeting be approved.


Mr. Staniforth announced that Commissioner Andes had sent a letter advising that due to illness/injury he would have to resign from the Local Government Services Commission. With this in mind, Chairman Philibosian expressed concern for his health and commented that this Commission would need to get another liaison to that Commission.


Chairman Philibosian commented that he had nothing to report at this time.


Mr. Staniforth commented on the activities requested of staff at the last Commission meeting. He stated that the requested article on Grading the Counties in Governing magazine had been sent to all of the Commissioners. He further stated that to date the CAO had not made a response to this article.

Mr. Staniforth announced that, as of this date, most of the Commissionís reports were available on the Commissionís web site and that the remainder would be in place before the next meeting of the Commission. This would complete the directive from the Board of Supervisors to have all Commission documents available on the web site. Commissioner Thompson commended staff for this accomplishment, noting the considerable amount of work this project entailed.

Chairman Philibosian commented that since this Commission had been more active in presentation and follow up, more recommendations from reports had been implemented in recent years. He still felt however that there were many recommendations that should have been implemented but werenít. He suggested that some follow up on the recommendations and subsequent actions might be in order, especially for reports issued in the last five to six years.

Commissioner Petak stated that a good example of a report needing follow up was the Evaluation of Receivables Tracking and Collection Systems report. He noted that this Commission had produced this report on a complex problem. The summary of the actions implemented would be beneficial for the Commission and may also be beneficial to the public to see the results of this Commissionís efforts. Mr. Staniforth replied that the Auditor Controller had issued a report on this subject which indicated considerable changes in the collections process.

Chairman Philibosian agreed and suggested setting up an ad hoc task force to review recommendations and actions, with a working title of ĎReport Review Task Forceí. Chairman Philibosian stated that in some cases, the recommendations may need to be updated and some discussions with deputies may be in order as we get started on this.

Commissioner Hill stated that this type of activity was good for creating awareness since the Commission continues to promote itís reports and shows the commitment to itís findings. She also stated that many of our recommendations had been implemented, just not in the timeline proposed by this Commission.

Commissioner Crowley noted that the task force in reviewing the reports and recommendations should also consider responding to the article in Governing magazine. Commission Thompson volunteered Commissioner Barcelona to head the task force who stated he would be happy to serve. Chairman Philibosian noted that this Commissionís newest commissioner would be able to provide a fresh look at these reports and also provide representation from the Antelope Valley. He stated that the task force should update and follow up on what has already been implemented and to review recommendations not implemented to see if they should have been.


Mr. Rick Auerbach, Assessor

Topic: The Assessorís Office Current and Future Direction

Mr. Auerbach discussed the role of the Assessor, the mission of the office and where it stood in relation to itís mission. He discussed in detail the actions completed, initiated or planned by the Assessors Office in order to provide the Ďbest public serviceí with little or no increase in cost.


Local Government Services Commission

Commissioner Andes was not present due to his resignation. Commissioner Hill noted that she would like this Commission to send Commissioner Andes a letter thanking him for his service on the Commission.

Quality and Productivity Commission

Commisioner Waddell reported on three areas of activity undertaken by the Quality and Productivity Commission. The first area was their continued structured visits to county departments. Under their current schedule, every department was contacted every two years and the interviews were combined with questionnaires to get the information needed. Secondly, they are currently working on a project to provide certification and training for each departmentís productivity managers. This training and certification provides increased awareness/stature for the productivity manager and enhances their skills. Third, they have worked with the CAO to arrange for a $2 million, one time only grant, to fund a department project that would affect significant change in the quality and productivity of that department.


Emancipation Services Task Force

Commissioner Thompson reported that the task force did not have a meeting the past month. He did note however, that in the last month the Board of Supervisors had commented at length on the Emancipation Services Report. He commended the task force, the Commission and other parties who worked on the report. Mr. Staniforth noted that Sharon Watson would be making a presentation to this Commission in May on the housing portion of that report.

Commissioner Simmons noted that their had been a number of recent stories in media about children and their care.

Grand Jury

Commissioner Hill announced that the next task force meeting would be hosted by Commissioner Boonshaft at Sony. She commented on a recent study that found jurors who served more often became more Ďfair-mindedí in the process. She went on to mention that since 10,000 jurors a day are needed by Los Angeles County, the ease of reporting, getting information and generally making it as rewarding as possible were important issues that needed to be addressed.

Commissioner Simmons noted that it was difficult to get names removed from lists used for jury selection when a person dies or moves out of the county/state. He felt that this could be an area looked at by the Commission. Commissioner Hill responded by saying that this would be a good discussion topic at the next task force meeting.

Commissioner Hill continued, saying that recent changes in the grand jury reporting process allowed grand jury members to collect payment for their service even if they did not enter, exit or check in through the criminal courts building. She noted that while this might sound trivial, itís importance shouldnít be underestimated. She felt that everything possible should be done to make the entire process more rewarding for those who are serving to encourage participation.

Lastly, she commented on recent challenges in the county that had been defended at great expense. The largest was in 1993/1994 with another smaller challenge preceding that. As a result of these challenges, the county went to a bifurcated system. However, recently the breadth of these challenges was expanding beyond issues of ethnicity to include gender or even age. Given these facts, this Commission had recommended that the courts stay with a single grand jury system, but the Superior Court had elected to maintain itís bifurcated system. She felt that this task force should meet with the court again to review their position and see where we could add value.

Chairman Philibosian noted that there had been a number of articles related to Ventura Countyís Grand Jury system recently and he suggested that staff contact Ventura county counsel to see if there had been any public reports and provide that information to this Commission.

Organization & Accountability Task Force

The task force chair was not present and thus, no report was made.

Economic Development

Commissioner Sylva noted that there was a planned task force conference call on April 18, 2002. She passed out an agenda for the task force members. She anticipated discussion of the report from the county economic summit so that the Commissioners could compile the needed response for the CAO by the April 30, 2002 deadline. Other items on the agenda included the permit streamlining process and follow up on a recommendation made by Carlos Jackson, the Executive Director of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Department to form an Economic Development Trust Fund.


Chairman Philibosian noted that while the newly established report review task force had a chairman, additional members of the task force would still be needed. He proposed that volunteers for this task force should contact the Executive Director before April 11, 2002. During this time, he would be contacting Commissioners whom he felt would be good additions to this task force, keeping in mind the desire to have one Commissioner from each supervisorial district.

After a comment from Commissioner Thompson, Chairman Philibosian asked if Commissioner Thompson was going to be a member of this task force. Commissioner Barcelona seconded this idea. Commissioner Thompson agreed to be a member of the task force


Commissioner Thompson stated a concern for the well being of Commissioner Lee who had been ill and was still recovering. Mr. Staniforth stated that he had been in contact with Commissioner Lee recently and that he was doing well considering, but that he was still working to regain his strength.

Commissioner Hill questioned the commissionerís if they would be attending the reception for Commissioner Balderrama, and if so, whether they would want to sit as a group. The commissionerís agreed.


There were no members of the public attending the meeting.


Upon a motion from the floor, Chairman Philibosian adjourned the meeting at 12:00 a.m.

Respectfully Submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director

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