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With the presence of a quorum of commissioners Chairman Abel called the Commission meeting to order at 10:15 A.M.


David A. Abel
Hope J. Boonshaft
Ben Breslauer
Gunther Buerk
John Crowley
David W. Farrar
Jonathan Fuhrman
Chris Hammond
Michael Jimenez
Chun Lee
Tony Lucente
Carole Ojeda-Kimbrough
Roman Padilla
William J. Petak
Robert Philibosian
H. Randall Stoke
Julia E. Sylva
Tony Tortorice

Marc A. Seidner

Fred Balderrama
Richard D. Barger

Jaclyn Tilley Hill

It was Moved, Seconded and Adopted: The Commission members noted above be excused.


Commissioner Stoke offered a correction to his comments on page five of the December 3, 1998 minutes. Commissioner Philibosian noted that it might save time for the EEC staff, as well as to help avoid future errors to present only a summary of actions taken in the Commission’s minutes.

Commissioner Philibosian suggested that the minutes only need to reflect that a presentation was given by a specific individual and that a discussion between that individual and the EEC ensued. Chairman Abel agreed that Commissioner Philibosian’s suggestion was on point, but brought up the possibility of the EEC web site carrying EEC presentations and discussions in an area separate from the minutes. Commissioner Philibosian responded that having the EEC presentations and discussions carried on the web site is more reason to be concerned about errors. Chairman Abel commented that the presentations are to be included on the web site and that the EEC needs to decide how to deal with reviewing the content. Vice Chairman Fuhrman stated that he strongly supports having information on the site but suggested that the EEC may want the presentation material "associated" with the minutes, but separate from them.

Commissioner Petak suggested a statement in front of the presentation. Quality and Productivity Commissioner Hill commented that the availability of complete meeting minutes reflective of very specific questions and concerns of the commissioners can be very helpful as a resource. Chairman Abel stated that he would accept a motion that would eliminate the inclusion of the presentation material in the minutes since they are not legally relevant. He believes that a statement should be included in a separate presentation section of the web site. He expressed his belief that it is necessary to have the commissioners identified by name in the presentation section of the minutes for clarification and so that each commissioner is able to review his/her own comments. Commissioner Petak expressed his concern that if there is a significant error that is not brought up at the meeting, it will go on the web site without being corrected. Chairman Abel answered that the web site can always be corrected. This can be accomplished after the initial review or upon later reflection. In the future, the web site will contain a separate section for the presentation portion of the minutes.

It was Moved, Seconded and Adopted: The minutes of the December 3,1998 Commission Meeting be approved as corrected.


1. Unincorporated Area (Commissioners Crowley and Padilla, co-chairman)

Commissioner Padilla reported that on January 5, 1999, Supervisor Knabe placed a motion on the Board agenda to have the EEC review its 1996 report entitled "Accountability and Municipal Service Delivery to Unincorporated Areas". The motion as presented also requested consideration of contract city issues. He reported that Supervisor Knabe had asked to have the motion referred back to his (Knabe’s) office. Commissioner Padilla stated that he believes that Supervisor Knabe will revise his motion and resubmit it within a few weeks.

Chairman Abel asked about the status of the Chief Administrative Officer’s (CAO) consideration of the issue of services to unincorporated areas. Mr. Staniforth responded that the CAO is in the process of creating an Assistant CAO position to address the recommendations made in the 1996 EEC report.

Commissioner Crowley stated that the concluding portion of the 1996 EEC report proposed that the subject of the delivery of municipal services by County agencies be looked at in a supplemental study. His concern is the mode of determining charges to contract cities for services by County agencies. Addressing this issue is something that should be kept on the agenda.

Chairman Abel asked if it would be appropriate for the EEC to reconstruct a task force that could build upon prior work. This task force would be co-chaired by Commissioners Padilla and Crowley. This group could meet as a delegation with Supervisor Knabe’s office and Mr. Jansen’s office to see how the EEC could participate in a new cooperative effort.

Commissioner Buerk responded that he agreed with Commissioner Crowley, and that at that time of the 1996 EEC report, the distinction between the services to unincorporated county areas and the incorporated contract cities was not addressed at length. He thinks that issues involving contract cities need to be addressed in a follow-up study.

Chairman Abel proposed putting together a preliminary task force to report at the February, 1999 Commission Meeting after meeting with Supervisor Knabe’s office and the CAO.

It was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted: Create a Task Force with Commissioners Padilla and Crowley as co-chairs, and Commissioner Sylva as a member. This Task Force should use Commission Staff as a liaison with the offices of Supervisor Knabe and the CAO to arrive at a recommendation for the next Commission meeting.


Dr. Jonathan Fielding, Director of Public Health and Health Officer, L.A. County Department of Health Services.
Topic: Medical Ramifications of the Tobacco Settlement

Dr. Fielding held a discussion with the Commission state and county impacts to the tobacco settlement presenting material to bolster his case for limiting smoking.

Mr. James Bickhart, the Los Angeles Office of the Speaker of the California State Assembly, Antonio R. Villaraigosa.
Topic:The Blue Ribbon Commission on State/Local Government Finance

Mr. Bickhart made comments to the Commission concerning the concepts and goals of the Speaker's Commission on State and Local Government Finance and on the reason this Commission was formed. A discussion of the presentation material ensued.


a) Election of Chairman

Chaiman Abel requested that Commissioner Lucente update the EEC on the deliberations of the Nominating Committee. Commissioner Lucente explained that the committee (Commissioners Lucente, Buerk, Padilla, Sylva) met by telephone several times. The Committee’s recommendation is for Chairman Abel to serve as Chair of the EEC for the calendar year 1999. Commissioner Stoke moved that the nominations be closed and for unanimous consent.

It was Moved, Seconded, and Adopted by unanimous consent: Commissioner Abel was elected to the position of Chairman for the calendar year 1999.

Commissioner Lee asked about last year’s process for selecting the Nominating Committee members, during which each district was represented on the Nominating Committee. Chairman Abel made the point that he agreed that each supervisor should be represented. Next year the Nominating Committee should be structured to insure this scope of representation.

b) Announcement of Award

Chairman Abel commented that the Commission had received the 1998 Exemplary State and Local Award from the National Center for Public Productivity. This award recognizes the significant innovations and achievements achieved in the Commission report entitled "Asset Management Strategies for Los Angeles County."

Commissioner Farrar commented that he thinks that the consultants hired by the EEC should share in this credit. Proposing effective recommendations, combined with Board action charging the CAO with asset management responsibilities, is what is necessary to accomplish objectives. By establishing a requirement to report back to the Board at a regular intervals on the actions to date is essential to any meaningful progress.

Chairman Abel thanked Commissioners Lucente and Hammond for their efforts in the asset management field. Commissioner Buerk added that he thinks the entire Commission and its persistence over the years also deserves to be mentioned. Studies should not be completed to just sit on a shelf, they must be continuously pursued to achieve the intended results.

c) Additional Contract Charges

Chairman Abel asked staff about the recent Board action pertaining to the claims of additional charges by the Unisys Corporation. Mr. Staniforth explained that the issue pertains to a problem that required Unisys to claim additional charges to complete the County’s LEADER System. There are additional significant charges to the County which need to be addressed. The question raised by the Board was how this happened without their being apprized of the situation earlier.

d) Appointment of Vice-Chair

Chairman Abel mentioned that the appointment of a Vice-Chairman is to be discussed at the February 4, 1999 EEC meeting.




On a motion from the floor, Chairman Abel adjourned the meeting at 12:00 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted.

Bruce J. Staniforth
Executive Director


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